AtomHacks X

Bronx Science's 10th Annual Hackathon

March 2nd, 2024




AtomHacks is committed to creating and organizing innovative and interactive coding competitions for the Bronx High School of Science. We are driven to give back to our community and provide transformative computer science opportunities for students of all levels.

For 12 hours straight, you'll be able to let your dreams run wild, and build anything you want utilizing the superpower of computer science. You'll attend workshops, meet new people, and create something you never knew you could create!

At the end of the hackathon, you'll get the chance to show off the new skills you've learned and the things you've made for a chance to win a prize!

Don't worry about food. We cater lunch, dinner, and all-day snacks so that you have the energy to innovate and explore during the event!



Thank you to our sponsors who made AtomHacks possible!

Alumni Association